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  • Temple Guardian

    After defeating the altar, the path opens to the final room. There, they were met with what looked like a [[Patronus Erathis | dwarf]] standing beside a fallen [[Cliens Erathis | golem]]. After [[:phalla]] accepts the mysterious warriors challenge, the …

  • Heart of Erathis

    The crest found inside the [[Cliens Erathis | Cliens Erathis]]. Taken by [[:phalla | Phalla]] after fighting with [[Patronus Erathis | Patronus Erathis]].

  • Patronus Erathis

    Known as "The Magister", Patronus Erathis represents the judges that revere Erathis. Appearing as a hammer-wielding dwarf, the actual biology, or construction, of the Patroni is unknown.

  • Cliens Erathis

    "The Citizen" is a representation of the people that populate the world in civilization, an eidolon constructed to serve Erathis and protect her [[Heart of Erathis | "heart"]].

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