Griffin Stone

An apathetic ranger.


Class: Ranger

Hit Points:25

AC: 16

Main Hand Weapon: Scimitar

Off Hand Weapon: Scimitar

Ranged Weapon: Longbow

Money: 204 gp

Exp: 87 / 1000


In his mid twenties, Griffin Stone is wandering the world looking for a purpose. He is average height and weight, with short jet black hair and a five-o-clock shadow on his face. His clothes are well made, earth colored and hardly stands out. He carries two old swords, one on each hip and a bow over his back. He blends in to a crowd and is easily forgotten. Nothing about him seems of any interest.

His appearance is best described as ordinary. Perhaps too ordinary.

Griffin is quite and reserved. Hardly ever raiseing his voice, he prefers to let others steer the conversation. He drinks heavily, like he is trying to drown some distance past. If left alone, he will drink until he can hardly walk and pass out at the nearest convient location. 

If possilbe Griffin will avoid any sort of fight. But once his blades have been drawn he fights without reserve for his own life.

Griffin Stone

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