Acitonn Sovelis


AC: 18

Str | 16

Con | 12

Dex | 15

Int | 16

Wis | 10

Cha | 11



Fort | 14

Ref | 15

Will | 12


Having a very typical childhood, Acitonn joined the town guard upon maturity. He stayed with them for 30 years. He became quite skilled and well versed in the arts of tactics and war. This position provided him much time to study as well as a few chances to put his knowledge to use. But since he had set out to make some money of his own. He joined a group of mercenaries hoping to see more action and did. He has made money and friends and lost some of each as well.

He has little concern for things that do not pertain to him and realizes that a majority of things in the short run will not matter in the long. 

Acitonn Sovelis

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