Idols of Presperia

To the Temple

Phalla was able to “extract” the necessary information, and with that, the group was off.

A little outside of the city stands a temple, lying ruined and abandoned. Still in the dark about the what and why of their quest, the party has no choice but to follow Phalla’s lead. After uncovering a switch, they find a trap door that leads below the temple.

The party find’s themselves proceeding through a series of underground hallways to a vast room. In the middle, a spiral staircase leads further down. Unfortunately, a cage surrounds the staircase, stalling the party. After some searching, they find a stubborn lever that sets in motion a series of mechanisms that reveal the the switch that retracts the cage.

Deeper below the temple, the party comes across a strange altar. Without warning, the altar begins possessing members of the party, driving them to fight each other. Luckily, they were able to destroy the altar and stop the mind control.

With a new door open, the heroes venture into the unknown yet again.



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