Idols of Presperia

The Test

The heros of the story wake up in what appears to be a small dimily lit prison cell. Metal bars rise up from the floor. A dark figure aproaches and tells them that they are to be tested. After the dark figure dissapears into the darkness. The room lights up and bars sink into the floor.

After searching the room the heros find their weapons and 4 seperate staircases leading down. The Griffin was the first to venture down one of the staircases. Immediately after entering the staircase a trap door slammed shut cutting him off from the group. 

The bold Wrath ventured down his own set of stairs, indifferent that he would be cut off from the group. Again a trap door slammed shut. 

Stormy and Aciton, being more caution stayed together and went down their own set of stairs. Dispite the group taking seperate paths they all end up in a room with four monsters. 

The First Encounter: Skeleton, Large Rat, Goblin, Kobolt

Loots: Longsword, Short bow, Spear, Hide armor, Short Sword, Leather Armor

Immediatly after the party dispatch the weaker foes, the floor in the center of the room sank out of sight. Shortly afterward it slowly rose back up, with a Warforge in the center of the platform.

The Second Encounter: Warforge

Loots: Longsword

Then the party met Capote of The Shrouded Edge. 

He gave each of the members of the party 200 gold peices.




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