Idols of Presperia

Temple Guardian

After defeating the altar, the path opens to the final room. There, they were met with what looked like a dwarf standing beside a fallen golem. After Phalla accepts the mysterious warriors challenge, the group finds themselves fighting the formidable dwarf. After a fierce and nearly deadly battle, the dwarfen warrior is defeat, vanishing is a cloud of sparkling dust. Phalla quickly goes over to the golem, pulling a strange crest from its chest. Eager to report back to Capote, Phalla quickly heads above ground with the rest of the party following close behind.

To the Temple

Phalla was able to “extract” the necessary information, and with that, the group was off.

A little outside of the city stands a temple, lying ruined and abandoned. Still in the dark about the what and why of their quest, the party has no choice but to follow Phalla’s lead. After uncovering a switch, they find a trap door that leads below the temple.

The party find’s themselves proceeding through a series of underground hallways to a vast room. In the middle, a spiral staircase leads further down. Unfortunately, a cage surrounds the staircase, stalling the party. After some searching, they find a stubborn lever that sets in motion a series of mechanisms that reveal the the switch that retracts the cage.

Deeper below the temple, the party comes across a strange altar. Without warning, the altar begins possessing members of the party, driving them to fight each other. Luckily, they were able to destroy the altar and stop the mind control.

With a new door open, the heroes venture into the unknown yet again.

Trip to Amberbrook
The party travels to Amberbrook and finds a little trouble along the way.

The next moring Capote summons the party to his office. Silently, the party walks the empty hall of The Shrouded Edge compound. Party becuase they hardly know each other, and partly becuase of the uneasy nights rest they just woke up from, no one said a word. 

"Its good to see you are all awake." says Capote as the entered "I would like you to meet Phalla"

A young women stood next to Capote desk. He eyes, examining the razor sharpe edge of the sword she was inspecting in her hands. Her eyes never left the sword, but every one of the party members found sense her focus was on guaging thier quailities and not the sword.

"She will be your hilt." explained Capote

"Our what?" said Stormy, asking the question that was on everyones minds.

"We find it is best to send an experienced menber of the organization along with new groups. Just like the hilt of a sword directs its blade, so will she direct you on this mission. I want you to travel to Amberbrook. You leave at once. On this trip I would like each of you to choose an alias. We find its best to keep our identities hidden. Griffin Stone, you needn't bother with an alias."

And with that the party follows Phalla on their Southward trip to Amberbrook. After traveling for most of the morning in silence. Phalla can no longer resist the question that has been rolling around her mind, and stops suddenly and turns around to face the somber group.

"Why would you agree to work for an organization that would drug, kidnap and put your life in danger?"

"The test wasn't all too difficult actually." boasts Stormy

"I was drugged, I just thought I passed out from a cheap bottle of ale." Griffin mumbles to himself.

Suddenly Phalla's eyes narrow. Having heard the russle in treeline as well, Griffin slowly draws one of his scimitars and looks around. A group of humans and halfling bandits attack the group hoping to make some easy money.

The party kicks their ass with the help of Phalla.

Afterward the party continues to Amberbrook. Once arriving Phalla announced that she was leaving the group and would return later.  Stormy and Griffin Stone decided to spend the down time drinking at the local tavern, Swan and Tomato. Shortly after getting their drinks a young man runs into the bar and announce that some woman just got into a fight with several thugs at another bar The Craftsman and the Hog. Griffin Stone and Stormy finish their drinks and decide to go check it out. 

Encounter 2: A bunch of thugs

Upon arriving the the second bar they find Phalla, Wrath, and Acitonn Sovelis fighting a group of thugs. Griffin Stone and  Stormy join in and together the group quickly dispatch the thugs. Afterward Griffin steps gingerly over the nearest body and walks directly to the bar calling out "Barkeep…?"

"I guess he ran off when the fighting started… I'll just help myself" says Griffin as he reaches behind the bar and grabs the nearest bottle and a glass.

Exp: 281

The Test

The heros of the story wake up in what appears to be a small dimily lit prison cell. Metal bars rise up from the floor. A dark figure aproaches and tells them that they are to be tested. After the dark figure dissapears into the darkness. The room lights up and bars sink into the floor.

After searching the room the heros find their weapons and 4 seperate staircases leading down. The Griffin was the first to venture down one of the staircases. Immediately after entering the staircase a trap door slammed shut cutting him off from the group. 

The bold Wrath ventured down his own set of stairs, indifferent that he would be cut off from the group. Again a trap door slammed shut. 

Stormy and Aciton, being more caution stayed together and went down their own set of stairs. Dispite the group taking seperate paths they all end up in a room with four monsters. 

The First Encounter: Skeleton, Large Rat, Goblin, Kobolt

Loots: Longsword, Short bow, Spear, Hide armor, Short Sword, Leather Armor

Immediatly after the party dispatch the weaker foes, the floor in the center of the room sank out of sight. Shortly afterward it slowly rose back up, with a Warforge in the center of the platform.

The Second Encounter: Warforge

Loots: Longsword

Then the party met Capote of The Shrouded Edge. 

He gave each of the members of the party 200 gold peices.


Character Creation

Today was the first day we met for the new campaign. We all got together for the first time since our previous campaign. We all worked through making new characters in the new 4.0 edition. I have to say a lot of the rules have changed and it was really exciting to be playing a new system. We all are interested in seeing how the new system is going to work.

It looks like we will have a faily well rounded party, with a Cleric, Warlock, Warlord, and a Ranger Griffin Stone. I dont think I have ever played a game where we were not missing some critical class.



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