Presperia, the great island continent. It's been a long time since it was united under a single monarch. Now, it's a land of various city-states with a equally varied number of cultures. The most notable relic of the old way of the life is the castle, still standing, yet abandoned in the center of the island.

Both magic and technology have flourished, with many of the newest advancements in living, falling within the field of “archaic engineering”, which blends the use of machinery and magic together. Religion has taken a reduced role. Gods are still worshiped, but the temples of old are all but abandoned, and the giant statues that once punctuated the land have given way to personal shrines in the home. Religion has gone from a public to a private affair.

Now, with relations between regions the best they've been in a century and trade at an all-time high, life has never been better. Still, wars are fought, crimes are committed, and monsters roam the wilder lands. As such, the need for adventurers and mercenaries still exist. The most admired and shortest lived profession, many strive to live on the road, but few make it.


Unfortunately, the need for adventurers is about to grow, though the general public doesn't know it, as a myriad of covert organizations begin their final operations to secure one of the most mysterious and powerful relics in the world.

Idols of Presperia

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